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    Kasserian ingera!  This was a traditional greeting among Masai warriors, considered the most fearsome and intelligent of African tribes, meaning “And how are the children?” The traditional response to this inquiry was, “All the children are well.” This meant, of course, that peace and safety prevailed; that the priorities of protecting the young and powerless were in place; that the Masai people had not forgotten their reason for being, their proper function, and their responsibilities. If you can imagine a school community where children are a priority, peace and safety prevail, and where the adults in the community understand their roles and responsibilities, I hope you envision Sam Houston Elementary School.

    On behalf of all of the teachers and staff at Sam Houston Elementary School, we welcome you and your child to a new school year.  Houston is a school with a strong sense of community.  As a learning community, we share a common mission in assuring a quality education for all children.  I am honored to lead a school where all of the adults in our community work together to bear the equal weight and responsibility for ensuring that all of our children are well, not only as measured by academic achievement scores, but also as measured by the effectiveness of our social curriculum in developing kind and generous human beings.   

    As we begin a new year, we want to emphasize that student achievement is the focus of our instructional team.  As a parent, you are a key member of that team.  Our staff is dedicated to the belief that each child will be provided opportunities to reach their full academic and social potential.  In support of that belief, our staff is committed to the DISD 6 Student Goals:

    GOAL 1: All students will exhibit Satisfactory or above on performance on State assessments. Students below Satisfactory performance will demonstrate more than one year of academic growth.

    GOAL 2: Dallas ISD schools will be the primary choice for families in the district.

    GOAL 3: The achievement gap by race, ethnicity, and social economic status will be no greater than 10% on all academic measures.

    GOAL 4: 95% of students will graduate. Of the graduates, 90% have the qualifying scores for community college, college, military, or industry certification.

    GOAL 5: 95% of entering kindergarten students are school-ready on a multidimensional assessment.

    GOAL 6: All students will participate in at least one extracurricular or co-curricular activity each year.                    

    There are many ways and opportunities for you to participate in your child’s education both at home and at school.  Together we can do a great job of preparing our students for future success as productive citizens able to meet the challenges they encounter.  We are looking forward to the new year with great enthusiasm, refreshed energy, and high expectations.  Let us celebrate previous success and strive to continue as a community of learners so that our children flourish.


      Oscar Nandayapa