• Academic Program

    Gilliam Collegiate Academy is one of 107 Early College High Schools in the State of Texas. As an early college, Gilliam Collegiate Academy students begin taking dual credit courses from Cedar Valley College professors in 9th grade. Most of the non-dual credit courses are either Pre Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) or Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

    Program Highlights Include:

    • Tutoring and Advisory periods built into the schedule
    • Small, personal learning communities
    • Dual Credit Courses
    • Extended School Hours
    • Pre-AP and AP courses
    • Rigorous, high-quality work
    • Extensive supports

    Texas Education Agency - Awards & Recognitions

    • 2015 Accountability Rating: Met Standard
    • 2014 Accountability Rating: Met Standard; Distinctions in Reading/ELA, Math, Science, Closing Performance Gaps, &                                                  Postsecondary Readiness
    • 2013 Accountability Rating: Met Standard; Distinctions in Math & Student Progress
    • 2012 Accountability Rating: No Accountability Ratings Assigned From The State
    • 2011 Accountability Rating: Recognized
    • 2010 Accountability Rating: Exemplary
    • 2010 Gold Performance Acknowledgments:
      • Attendance (2008-09)
      • Advanced Academic Courses (2008-09)
      • Commended on Reading/ELA
      • Commended on Mathematics
      • Commended on Social Studies
    • 2009 Accountability Rating: Exemplary
    • 2009 Gold Performance Acknowledgements:
      • Comparable Improvement Reading/ELA
      • Comparable Improvement Mathematics