• Site-Based Decision Making Committee
     Site-Based Decision making (SBDM), as mandated by Senate Bill 1, is an integrated planning and decision making process for decentralizing decisions and to assess and improve the educational outcomes at every school through a collaborative effort of all members of the group.  The SBDM Team at Gabe P. Allen Elementary Charter School consists of campus administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and community and business representatives.  The team members have the opportunity to make recommendations and suggestions to the campus administrators in order to improve the academic achievement of every student.
       The Gabe P. Allen SBDM members elected for this school year are (in alphabetical order):
    Alicia Abonza (Jaycee Zaragoza)
    Ivonne Aguilar (Scribe, 4th grade)
    Jose Alas (Chairperson)
    Daisy Cardoza (Parent)
    Maricruz Estrada (Parent)
    Cristina Garcia (Librarian)
    Kristie Garcia (Co-Chairperson)
    Sylvia Garcia (5th grade)
    Angelica Gordon (1st grade)
    Rhonda Harrington (2nd grade)
    Lawanda Jackson (SPED)
    Hector Maldonado (3rd grade)
    Olga Medina (Parent)
    Akpor Odiong (PK)
    Sheila Ortiz (Principal)
    Susana Perez (Parent)
    Juanita Rodriguez (Parent)
    Lilian Rojo (Parent)
    Raquel Selsmeyer (Community Liaison)
    Yvonne Sotelo-Hawkins (Time Keeper, Kinder)