• School Culture 
    New Tech High School strives to treat its students as the young adults they are. The behavior expectation is summarized by the New Tech Network phrase, "Trust, Respect, Responsibility."  All New Tech students have the incentive to demonstrate mature, responsible behavior in hopes of earning a "Trust Card." Students earn Trust Cards by consistently doing the right thing and maintaining good grades as noticed and verified by teachers and staff.  Trust Card students have numerous perks, including:
    • Special invitation events 
    • Exclusive access to "cubbies"
    • Early admittance to the library
    • Special equipment circulation
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    On Fridays, we observe a special schedule allowing for an extra period. During that extra period, all students at New Tech can participate in "Get Moving", "Meeting of the Minds" or their respective class meetings. In "Get Moving", students can participate in various clubs or activities. In "Meeting of the Minds", the school comes together for assemblies and/or discussions.