• Dr. Barbara Jordan Elementary School
    music note    A Journey For the Love of Music.....

    piano The vision at Dr. Babara Jordan Elementary school is to create a love for music through the journey of music.
      This journey involves not only singing but playing instruments, listening, dance theory, technology, creating and improvising while incorporating math, reading, science and social studies.

    Though their musical journey students will study the lives of numerous  musicians and learn about music history. We will travel through history, listening to a vast variety of musical repertiores. This journey will include concepts from theatre, dance, kodaly, orf and playing instruments such as piano, keyboard, hand bells, xylophones, drums and other classroom instruments.

    Every year a group of fourth grade students are taught how to play the keyboard through the Little Kids Rock program.  This program has helped students play a variety of songs on the keyboard and grow musically. Students also have the opportunity to explore, feel and experience music using technology. As students go through this musical journey they will not only love music but will become musicians. 


    To help and assist with field trips for the fifth grade trip every year in music and for the Winter Holiday Progran in the Fall and Spring.  Please see Mrs. Clark for additional information.

    lights AREAS OF NEED
    Costume Design
    Stage Design
    Monitoring Students/Rehearsal
    piano hands

    Mrs. Clark

    The Art classess at Jordan teach persisitence. By working on projects in a period of time, pupils deal with problems and learn  to perservere. Art classes train pupils to express themselves and identify their own personal voice or perspective. Art also helps with the connection between work within a classroom and world outside the school.

    Art classess help with literacy skills, having students discuss art and attempt to figure out the meaning of paintings, they learn how to determine the meaning of text material. Art increases kids focus, it helps students to concentrate successfully and allows them to ignore distractions and concentrate on the activity before them. Art classess allow little fingers to develop a level of eye-hand coordination.

    Elementary students need affirmation. When students recieve affirmation for their creative works it validates their self esteem and self-worth.

    Ms. Cawley