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Get to Know Us!

 Juan Lago- 4A

College/University: Universidad de Puerto Rico
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Snack: Sunflower Seeds (David Brand)
Favorite Activity: One wheel, hiking, biking, mix martial arts, gym, concerts and surfing
Favorite Sports Team: Germany National Team Soccer
Favorite Beverage: Coke and Lemonade
Favorite Book: Batman Comics
Favorite Store: Walmart & Target
Pets/Favorite Animal: My dog named Bo and great white sharks

 Sergio Melendez- 4B

Favorite Color: 
Favorite Snack: 
Favorite Activity: 
Favorite Sports Team: 
Favorite Beverage: 
Favorite Book: 
Favorite Store: 
Pets/Favorite Animal:

 Nancy Zamudio Martinez- 4C

College/University: College of the Holy Cross
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Snack: Hummus and Pita Bread
Favorite Activity: Playing Volleyball
Favorite Sports Team: Don't have one
Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Book: The Outsiders
Favorite Store: Target
Pets/Favorite Animal: Dog and a cat

 Christina Golden- 4D

College/University: Tarleton State University and University of Texas at Arlington
Favorite Color: Tarleton Purple
Favorite Snack: Sunflower Seeds
Favorite Activity: Hanging out with my family
Favorite Sports Team: FC Dallas
Favorite Beverage: Hot Tea
Favorite Book: Little Women
Favorite Store: Amazon
Pets/Favorite Animal: Samantha (dog), El Rey and Kara (Cats)