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    Fourth Grade


     Mathematics/ Science:  Here at Nathan Adams, the fourth grade Math and Science teachers follow the TEKS and the district’s curriculum. 


    By the end of fourth grade Science, your child will be able to be able to: memorize and recite facts, increase the amount of detail in drawings, work on research projects, use a range of strategies when drawing meaning from text (such as prediction, connections, and inference) and understand more complex cause-and-effect relationships.


    Mathematically, your graduating fourth grade will be able to add, subtract, and compare decimals and fractions. They will also be able to use more advanced multiplication and division, such as multiplying multi-digit numbers by two-digit numbers  and dividing larger multi-digit numbers by one-digit numbers, all while understanding the concept of place value. In addition to number and patterning skills, students will learn about basic geometry and be able and identify points, lines, rays, and angles in two-dimensional figures.


    Included in our curriculum are vital life skills. By the time they leave fourth grade, your child will be to make more decisions, engage in group decision-making, and have the desire to be an active member in a group learning environment. In addition to these abilities, your child will learn to think independently and critically, will begin to display a strong sense of responsibility, and have a greater awareness of fairness. 



    Reading/ Language Arts:  Throughout fourth grade Reading and Language Arts, students work on strengthening their reading comprehension skills in order to help them understand what they read. Through critical thinking questions and utilizing comprehension strategies before, during, and after reading, students are able to dive deeper into the text to find and create personal meanings based on what they read. 


    In addition to building their reading skills, fourth grade students focus on writing full length, coherent compositions that maintain meaning and focus

    throughout. Students achieve this goal by engaging in daily writing practice with an emphasis on editing and revising, paying special attention to organization, voice, and using correct grammar in their compositions.