Janeen Pantoja

     Caillet family,

    I hope you’re having a wonderful summer and that it has been filled with great moments and memories. Over the last two months since I’ve seen many of you, I’ve had the time to reflect on my first two years at Caillet. We certainly accomplished a great deal and made some very significant changes. There is so much to be proud of and I truly believe that our accomplishments were made based solely on the most important element: you. We have an amazing staff and I am humbly grateful for your commitment, courage, and care that you display in so many different ways. I am honored to work with you.

    As I think about the upcoming school year, I’m very excited about this next chapter we are about to write. We will remain steadfast to the commitments we began last year as we enter dual stages of refinement of existing processes and structures, as well as, implementation of new practices to enhance our culture of continuous improvement through data-driven decision-making, whole-school learning, and communities of practices. While we refine the ways we collaborate, make decisions, and solve problems together, we will be putting a strong focus on continuing to build community with each other, our students, and their parents. We will be establishing some new identities of who we are and what we do as we move toward being a premier urban elementary school within Dallas ISD. I believe this will have an enormous positive impact for everyone – especially our students.

    The overarching, most significant improvement we are making for this upcoming school year is continuing to develop the whole child. We believe that an education for our students must be developmentally responsive, challenging, empowering, and equitable. This means that we must use the nature of young students as the foundation on which all decisions are made; that every student can learn and should be held to high expectations; that we provide all students with the knowledge and skills they need to take control of their learning; and that we advocate for every student’s right to learn by providing challenging and relevant learning opportunities and good first instruction.

    Here’s to a wonderful 2017-18 school year!

    Janeen Pantoja
    F.P. Caillet Elementary