• Teachingbooks.net  

     This is a great literacy resource.  The site has:

    ·     Author Interviews

    ·     Meet-the-Author Movies

    ·     Book Guides and Lesson Plans

    ·     Video Book Trailers

    ·     Audio and Video Book Readings

    ·     Audio Name Pronunciations

    ·     Authors' Personal Websites and Blogs

    ·     Booklists

    To access-  www.TeachingBooks.net/Texas 


    Needed info for home access - UN:  dallasisd

                                                 PW:  dallasisd







    To access BrainPop  UN: pershingdisd

                                 PW: dallasisd



     Additional Resources:  allows educators to create classes and quizzes with MyBrainPOP     


    • Goto the Brainpop site www.brainpop.com , click on enter code and enter UOLT2863  (this code is exclusively for educators in our school; please do not post it online) , register to create an account.  Once logged in to your MyBrainPOP account, know that you can assign anything on brainpop-including movies, quizzes, concept maps, partner games and even FYIs.  Look at this screencast for step-by-step directions on how to get started.  https://educators.brainpop.com/video/creating-assignments-brainpop/



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    Welcome to TrueFlix!


    Thank you for choosing TrueFlix!  TrueFlix is the only online resource that leverages the award-winning content from True Books to help students hone literacy skills, build knowledge of subject-area content, and cultivate 21st Century skills through the inquiry process.  


    STEP 1:  To establish access to any computer on your network, please go to the following site:  




    You should have immediate access to the TrueFlix.  Please have the link above placed on your library homepage for easy access from any computer on your network.


    STEP 2: To establish remote access, please place the following link on your library page:   




    At that point, please enter the username jjpershing and the password flix to access the resource.