Library Volunteers 

    We welcome and love our library volunteers at Pershing Elementary School! 

    • Do you love books and libraries?
    • Do you have an interest in helping children?
    • Do you want to be involved in your local community?
    • Do you want to help foster a love of reading in children and adults?
    If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then volunteering in the library may be just for you!


    Why are Library Volunteers important? 

    • Library Volunteers help the librarian with important tasks. This allows the librarian to have more time to offer individual and specific help to students and staff.
    • Library Volunteers help reinforce a love of reading within the school.
    • Children, especially those in high poverty, need to be surrounded by positive adult role models. You would fill this role as a volunteer.
    • Parental and family involvement in schools has been shown to increase student achievement

    How can I become a Library Volunteer?

    1. Fill out the Dallas ISD online Volunteer Form .
    2. Contact the Librarian either by phone (972) 794-8613 or stop by!
    3. Consider the amount of time you have available and are willing to volunteer. Choose a day and time that works best for you.
    4. Watch our volunteer training Power Point presentation*.  Pershing Library Training

    *Don't worry about trying to remember every little detail from the training presentation. All this information is available in our Volunteer notebook in the library. However, watching the training before you come in to volunteer is helpful for everyone.

    Do I have to volunteer every day or every week?

    No, you may volunteer as much or as little as you want or are able. Some volunteers like to come in for several hours once a week. Others can only offer time every other week. Some volunteers like to come in for an hour or two every day. It just depends on you, your interest, and your schedule. Contact Mrs. Adkins to determine what works best for you.


    What will I do as a volunteer?

    are a very important part of the library. You will be helping:

    • Run the circulation desk (check-in/ check-out)
    • Sort and shelve books
    • Help pull books for teachers
    • Help the librarian with special projects
    • Help creating bulletin board and book displays
    There are lots of different ways you can help as a Library Volunteer!