•  Ms. Devine


    Mrs. Devine is the music teacher at Highland Meadows Elementary School. The Music Department at Highland Meadows is designed to help all students achieve in music every day, enjoying themselves along the way.  Daily music classes include singing, moving, playing instruments, composing, performing, and music theory. Choir and Music Memory are also offered through music class.  
    Music Memory
    This is our 6th year to offer Music Memory to students seeking a unique challenge in music beyond the classroom.  Two teams of students, one from 3rd and 4th grades and one from 5th grade, work toward participating in a district-wide listening contest in which they identify sixteen classical music selections. The contest is held every year at the Meyerson Symphony Center.  We are proud of how well Highland Meadows has performed each year at Music Memory, and we look forward to participating again this Spring!

    Meredith Devine 
    Music Teacher
    Email: medevine@dallasisd.org