Grade Levels:  PK-5th Grade

    Trustee District and Trustee Name: District 5, Maxie Johnson

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:  Wilmer-Hutchins Feeder Pattern

    Executive Director: Executive Director Shatara Stokes

    PTO Information: 2nd Thursday of each Month 

    Uniform Information:

    • Top: White or royal blue with a collar
    • Bottoms: khaki, black or navy blue  (no blue jeans)

    School Colors: royal blue and white

    Mascot: Eagle

    Extracurricular Activities Offered:

    • U.I.L. ( TMSCA, Lone Star Challenge, Chess)
    • Soccer
    • Boys and Girls Basketball,Track
    • Dance and Spirit Club
    • Art and Music Club
    • Bluebonnet book club(literacy)
    • Robotics
    • Chess
    School Motto
    Fly, Eagle, Fly
    2020-2021 School Theme
    Dream Team