Parent Portal 

    Registering for an account at https://dallas.gradespeed.net/pc.

    Welcome to the New Web-based Parent Portal

    The Dallas ISD's new Web-based Parent Portal gives parents and guardians access to a protected Web site where they can view confidential information about their children's grades, attendance, and assignments. 

    Another Parent Resource:
    Here is a link to the Parent Toolkit sponsored by NBC Learn, this is not a site within the Dallas ISD it is an outside source and is in no way affiliated with Dallas ISD.  This site includes a benchmark academic growth chart to see if your child is where they need to be as well as tips for parents:   Click Here for Parent Toolkit 



    Obtaining Your Child's Verification Code

    1. Take your child's Student ID Number and a valid a government-issued ID (i.e., driver's license, state ID, passport, or other photographic identification) to your child's school. This is to protect your child’s safety and security.
    2. Present Student ID Number and the government-issued ID to school staff, who will verify your identification.
    3. School staff will then issue a verification code for you to use to add your child's information to your Parent Portal account.
    4. This Verification Code is required to successfully complete the online child addition process.
    Going to your child's school to get your child's verification code.Add your child to your Parent Portal account. You will need the verification code to complete this process.Please check with your child's school to see if they are ready to assist you with accessing the Parent Portal.





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