• Nathan Adams Talented and Gifted Program

    Gifted students are served in a pullout resource room for grades K-5.  The resource room implements integrated units where all subject areas are covered to serve all student’s talents and strengths.  Students attend the gifted program by state regulations of a minimum of two hours per week.

     Many of the Texas Performance Standards are modified and compacted at an accelerated pace, along with the State Gifted Standards.  Students will develop advanced research strategies and problem solving skills.  They will also enhance their creativity and become more proficient with communication skills. The program provides greater expansion of core courses; interdisciplinary seminars; and direct, intensive assistance to students.  Activities include independent study projects, high-order thinking skills, and discovery learning.

    For more information, call Ms. Wilson at 972-794-2600 or e-mail wwilson@dallasisd.org. 
    For district information call 214-932-5130.