• Quick Facts

    Principal: Theresa Sigurdson

    Grade Levels: 7 - 8

    Trustee District: District 8

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:
    Schools Division 1-Thomas Jefferson High School Feeder Pattern

    Executive Director: Melody Paschall

    Eagle Excellence, Eagle Effort, Eagle Esteem

     School Hours:

    School starts at 8:20! Students may start entering the building at 7:30. They may start heading to advisory classes at 8:00. Students arriving later than 8:20am may be counted absent in their advisory class.

     Uniform Colors:

    • 7 -Gray Collared shirt Shirts/Khaki or Black Bottoms
    • 8 -Purple Collared  Shirts/Khaki or Black Bottoms  

    (All students may also wear a white collared shirt)



    All backpacks must be clear or mesh


    Students will be allowed to wear hoodies to school. Students may wear solid white, gray, purple, or black hoodies. No other colors will be allowed. Medrano hoodies will be on sale later in the year. Thank you.

    School Colors:
    Purple and Green