• As the future leaders of our community and country, our students will face complex challenges in the years to come.  To meet these challenges, successful schools have changed their approach to education from a narrow focus on academic achievement to a broader approach that promotes the development of the whole child: a child who is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged in all areas of life.  At Hexter, we are committed to our vision of providing a well-balanced education of the highest quality through the development of students’ bodies, hearts, and minds.

    Our children are our future.  Understanding, supporting, and teaching our children about proper nutrition and exercise will help them lead a happy and healthy life. 

    Our hope is that our students become intelligent, caring, and conscientious citizens of the world.  Students who learn and practice being respectful, responsible, and good citizens will be better prepared to succeed in school and in life. 

    Our goal is to prepare all students for college and the ever-changing world around them.  This occurs when students learn rigorous content and consistently demonstrate at high levels of competence.  Our CIP goals align every classroom with core research-based teaching practices which maximize learning for each and every student.