• Heather Wellman
    Dual Credit U. S. History and AP Human Geography

    Professional Profile


    My main focus and teaching philosophy is to make the material interesting and relevant to students to help aid the learning process.  All students are individuals with different learning styles and multiple intelligences.  I strive to reach students where they are, determine where they want to be, and enable them to use their own strengths to benefit their learning.


    I also believe that students can tell if a teacher is truly passionate about their subject.  I thoroughly enjoy history and the social sciences; it is truly my academic passion.  I love to explore the past and consider myself a social historian; as such, I prefer to focus on historical social issues and experiences.  I especially enjoy teaching history to students who only think of it as boring and not relatable to their lives.  While it is quite an undertaking, my goal is to link the past to their lives today.


    Personally I enjoy traveling and seeing the world around me.  Throughout my life I have traveled across much of the United States of America and experienced many of our country’s various regions – both geographically and culturally.  Also, multiple opportunities have allowed me to travel outside of the country to see parts of Canada, Mexico, England, and Scotland.  My favorite memories of the British Isles, aside from all of the sheep, include the opportunity to “play” on the famous St. Andrews’ golf course and sing in Westminster Abbey.


    Educational History


    Baylor University

                MA in History


    Baylor University

                BA in History

    BA in Museum Studies


    Teaching History                               


    Current Subjects:

    World Geography Pre-AP

    AP Human Geography


    Previous Subjects:       

    World Geography

    US History

    World History
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