• History of Royce West Leadership Academy

    Wilmer-Hutchins Independent School District was established in 1927 as a consolidation of four smaller school districts. In September, 1954, more than 100 African-American students and parents housed themselves into what was known as Linfield Elementary School, then an all-White Wilmer Hutchins Independent School District. The all colored school was often closed by the district.

    In 1958, WHISD had 1,746 White students and 577 African-American students. The number of African-American students increased rapidly over the next decade as the United States government established housing policies that concentrated many African-American families in the northern part of the district. The district, still clinging to its policy of segregation, spent millions of dollars building new schools for black students - Alta Mesa Elementary School, Bishop Heights Elementary School, Milton K. Curry Junior High School and John F. Kennedy High School were all opened in the early 1960s.

    The history of Royce West Leadership Academy is as rich as the city of Dallas and all of its surrounding areas.  The school is named for Sen. Royce West.

    Royce West Leadership Academy opened August 1968 after desegregation.  John F. Kennedy High School opened in 1964 for black students and closed in 1968 after desegregation; the building was combined with the adjacent Milton K. Curry campus to form a junior high school, and then located at 8612 Trippe Street.  The newly renovated Royce West Leadership Academy campus is located at 6605 Sebring, Dallas, Texas.