Visual Arts Instructor, Assistant Director of Curriculum

    location: 172

    phone: 972-925-1279
    courses: AP 2D Design, Foundation 2D Design
    committee: Teacher Leadership Cadre, TEI Expert 

    Cassie Benzenberg joined the Booker T. Washington Faculty in 2003. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts Studies at the University of North Texas in 2002. She currently serves as the Visual Arts Assistant Director and teaches Foundation 2D Design and Advanced Placement 2D Studio Art. Cassie has been a participant of the O’Donnell Foundation Advanced Placement Arts Incentive Program as a teacher and as a student.

    As assistant director, she manages the department budget, scheduling, and coordinates over 50 art school visits and master classes each year. Developing and nurturing partnerships in the Arts District and community is a highlight of her service to the Dallas Independent School District.  She is a quilter with an emphasis on traditional blocks created with modern color combinations and patterns. As an artist teacher, she believes in creative problem solving, products of play, and risk taking.