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    Mathematics • Film • Technology
    Mathematics is the language of nature. 
    Everything around us can be represented by numbers. 
    If one graphs the system of any numbers, patterns emerge, 
    therefore there are patterns everywhere in nature.
    Maximillian Cohen, Pi 

     Jalilvand                                           Email: njalilvand@dallasisd.org
                                                Office: Room 204, Historic Building
                                                Phone: 972-925-1285
                                                 Committees: Campus Instructional Leadership Team (CILT)
                                                                         Board of Control, SBDM
                                                 Sponsor: Film Club
                                                 Co-sponsor:  Math Team
                                                 Math Courses: Algebra II, Algebra II PAP, AP Calculus
    Niloo Jalilvand is a mathematician and a multimedia artist who has shown her work at the MAC, Dallas Contemporary, 500 X, The Kettle, Aurora and more. She spent her childhood in Iran, as a child of celebrated actors. This upbringing fostered her abiding love for cinema. At age 10 she attended boarding school in London and later moved to the United States, earning her B.S. with a double major in Mathematics and Studio Arts from Texas A&M and later an M.A. in Art and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Ms. Jalilvand began her education career at Project SEED, a nonprofit organization that works in partnership with school districts, universities, foundations, and corporations to teach advanced math to elementary and middle school students. Jalilvand was a Socratic-method specialist designing dynamically structured sequences of questions to render complex mathematical ideas and accomplish an understanding.
    Currently, she is both the Mathematics Chair and Film and Video Arts Director at nationally recognized Booker T. Washington HSPVA, producing her student's short films and winning multiple film festival awards nationwide.

    Ms. Jalilvand is the founder of The Pegasus Film Festival which supports, promotes, and inspires young filmmakers in Texas to produce impactful works in cinema. Additionally, she acts as curator for Women in Film’s Chick Flicks Film Festival.