Barbara Moham
    Principal Moham
    Mrs. Barbara Moham is the fearless leader of the Legendary Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. Middle School. Possessing over thirty years of educational experience, Mrs. Moham has been a teacher, administrator and college professor.
    She strives for excellence and constantly encourages her faculty and staff to have this same pursuit. Unlike many leaders, Principal Moham requires her faculty and staff to have an aspiring position. She clearly understands and embraces the importance of grooming, molding and building the capacity of teachers. Her commitment to developing leaders extends to cultivating excellence in her community as well.
    Although this great leader has accomplished many things, Mrs. Barbara Moham considers her roles as wife, mother, "Meme" (grandmother) and caretaker for her father to be some of her greatest accomplishments. In addition to her full time responsibilities as wife, mother, grandmother and principal, she is also an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. She manages to effortlessly balance her roles and responsibilities while still making time for friends, exercise and hobbies. In her “free time”, Barbara pursues her love of crafting, cycling and photography.