Update (2/8/17)
    1st Period:
    Watch the video on the Rational Root Theorem (Video 1) and complete the classwork assignment below. We won't need to address the section of the video that discusses synthetic substitution just yet, so you can stop the video at that point.
    If you need an additional video explaining the concept, then try this one:  Rational Root Theorem (Video 2)
    CW Assignment #1: Rational Root Theorem
    CW Assignment #2: Khan Academy Assignments
    --- Remember the login info:
         User Name:    (first initial)(last name)(ID number)
         Password:      bomlamath    (all lowercase)
    Update (12/5/17  and   12/6/17)
    1st Period:
    This is your classwork assignment that is due by the end of class today: 
    You'll need these 2 YouTube videos to help you out. Please watch them first!
    2nd Period / 5th Period / 6th Period / 7th Period:
    Watch this video on parallel lines cut by a transversal:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzTr5zbg3tE&feature=share
    These are your notes and you classwork assignment:   Parallel Lines Cut By A Transversal (Notes and CW)
    Your classwork is due by the end of the period. Do not forget to turn in your assignment.
    3rd Period:
    CW, due by the end of the period:  Read through the notes provided in this PDF. Copy the example and complete the practice problems that are given on your own notebook paper. Do not copy the one with imaginary solutions! This is due by the end of the period and your work must lead to the correct answer that is given to you. You may look up videos to help with the Quadratic Formula if you need it. 
    Click the link above to access the notes. Disregard the last page of the document. There is no homework to complete.
    8th Period: 
    Copy important notes on rational exponents. Write down at least 3 examples from the notes in your own notes.
    Classwork due: Find 6 problems that have rational exponents from the Algebra 2 textbook and work them out. Turn this in before you leave.
    Update (8/23/17)
    We're back for another school year! I hope you all have had a well rested summer.
    Here is the syllabus for the school year:
    Make sure you sign and fill out the Acknowledgement of Receipt by Friday, September 1.
    Have a great weekend! 
    ~ Mr . Lacy 
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