• Quality Instruction

    Good first instruction is the notion that the daily classroom instruction that a student receives before interventions are planned should be of high quality. It includes core practices that are common to almost all GREAT teaching.
    What does Quality Instruction look like?
    Math Annotation - Fox 4 News Transcript and Video Example
       Guaranteed and viable curriculum
       Effective lesson objectives and demonstration of learning (DOL)
       Instructional activities are aligned to the objective and assessments
       Instructional activities are relevant and challenging
       Every aspect of the class is tied to learning
       Time is managed to enhance the learning
    Effective Strategies
       Use of multiple response strategies
       Student learning is active
       Model the lesson
       Guided practice
       Students work with peers
       Independent practice
    Differentiated instruction
       Individual student needs are met
       Appropriate interventions are planned and implemented
    Teachers are encouraged to use multiple response strategies during instruction time. The use of multiple response strategies will enhance the level of student engagement, thus increasing student performance in the classroom. Please refer to the following list for examples:
       Response Card
       Modified Whip-Around
       Table Talk
       Quick Response
       Oral/Choral/Response (not yelling out answer) 
       Clicker Systems
    Campus and district administrators will look for the use of multiple response strategies (MRS) during administrative walk-throughs, spot observations, and formal evaluations. The administration and campus instructional leadership team (CILT) will assist teachers with these strategies and ensure that the use of MIRS becomes a common practice for W. H. Atwell Law Academy.
    A Demonstration of Learning (DOL) is an activity or product through which a student demonstrates that he/she has learned the lesson objective. DOLs fall into two categories: 1) those that require the student to demonstrate what he/she has learned in one or two class periods within a subject area, and 2) those that assess more complex objectives or assess multiple learning objectives.
    Characteristics of a good DOL:
       tied directly to the lesson objective and the guaranteed curriculum
       can usually be accomplished in five to ten minutes
       requires each student to demonstrate what they have learned over the last class period or two
       in a subject area
       varies from day to day
       its understandable to students and parents
       designed before the lesson is conducted
    Characteristics of a good LO:
       answers the question: What are students supposed to learn?
       tied to a standard or skill needed to accomplish the standard
       follows the mapped curriculum
       understandable to parents and students
       students can demonstrate that they have learned the objective in one class period
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