• W.H. Atwell has one of the most prolific athletic programs in the country. We have a litany of athletic and academic success stories. The number of City Championships is well over 40 in all sports. In the last 10 years we have won 23 City Championships in Football (5) Girls Basketball (6) Girls Track (6) and Boys Track (6). In the same time frame we have won 47 district titles. Last year Atwell had 51 student athletes receive the all city academic award with each student maintaining a grade point average above 80.

     We currently have former archers competing in athletics at Oklahoma University (OU), Texas Tech, Kansas University, North Carolina State (NC St.), Grambling, University of Missouri, Ole Miss University, Stephen F. Austin (SFA), University of Central Florida (UCF), West Texas A&M, Louisiana State University (LSU) Texas State, and Texas A&M Commerce.
    Famous Former Archers

    Craig Watkins ( Dallas County district Attorney )

    Michael Johnson ( World record track runner )

    Johnathon Scott ( Detroit Lions)

  • Athletic Director: Rodney Jackson
    Assistant Athletic Director: Selena Simpson
    Head Volleyball Coach: Melanie Brown
    Assistant Volleyball Coach: Selena Simpson
    Head Football Coach: Rodney Jackson
    Assistant Football Coach: Alan Washington
    Assistant Football Coach: Jeffery Grady
    Assistant Football Coach: Gregory Willis 
    Head Boys Basketball Coach: Jarvis Baker
    Assistant Boys Basketball Coach: Charles Washington
    Head Girls Basketball Coach: Selena Simpson
    Assistant Girls Basketball Coach: Melanie Brown
    Head Girls Soccer Coach: Gregory Willis
    Head Boys Soccer Coach: Wayne Jackson
    Head Girls Track Coach: Thomas Flagg
    Assistant Girls Track Coach: Melanie Brown
    Head Boys Track Coach: Alan Washington
    Assistant Boys Track Coach: Selena Simpson
    Head Baseball Coach: Henry Reyes
    Head Softball Coach: Rodney Jackson