Together, we are invincible!


    PTSA meeting dates are:

    • PTSA Meetings

      September 11, 2018

      December 11, 2018

      February 5, 2019  5PM to 6 PM

      April 9, 2019

      **All meetings are @ 9:30 a.m. in the School Library



                              SKYLINE HIGH SCHOOL PTSA OFFICERS




    President - Belinda Williams

    Vice President - Tranell Foster-Ford

    Treasurer - Charlotte Smith

    Secretary - Diana Richard


    Committee Chairs

    Scholarship Chair - Julie Harris

    Communications & Publicity - Jose Sologuren

    Membership Chair - Carol Gilstrap


                                              SKYLINE HIGH SCHOOL




                                                              PTSA MISSION

    Our mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for our children. 

                                                              PTSA VISION

    PTSA will be a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

                                                             PTSA PURPOSE

    • To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of children and youth;
    • To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education.

                                                             PTSA VALUES

    • Collaboration: We will work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to broaden and enhance our ability to serve and advocate for all children and families.
    • Commitment: We are dedicated to children’s educational success, health, and well-being through strong family and community engagement, while remaining accountable to the principles upon which our association was founded.
    • Diversity: We acknowledge the potential of everyone without regard, including but not limited to: age, culture, economic status, educational background, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, legal status, marital status, mental ability, national origin, organizational position, parental status, physical ability, political philosophy, race, religion, sexual orientation, and work experience.
    • Respect: We value the individual contributions of members, employees, volunteers, and partners as we work collaboratively to achieve our association’s goals.
    • Accountability: All members, employees, volunteers, and partners have a shared responsibility to align their efforts toward the achievement of our association’s strategic initiatives.



    Hello Skyline Raiders,

    Our PSTA is made up of parents, teachers, grandparents, guardians, school staff and others in the community that want to improve the educational lives of our children.  The PSTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy association in America.  Today’s PSTA is comprised of members who share a commitment to making a difference in the education, health and safety of all children.  It is an organization that promotes collaboration among parents, the school and the community. 

    The number one reason to join the PSTA is to benefit your child. The PSTA helps not only your but every child.  Your children are important to you and they are important to us!  Children will learn more and perform better in school when parents are involved in their education and of course our children all enjoy having the support of their family members. 

    Your involvement is how our PSTA stays strong and our children achieve success! Your support for the PSTA is critical to our amazing school. Our PSTA membership dues is only $10.00 per person.  Your membership dues can be deposited in the PTA box located in the Main Office. 

    Thank you for your support in advance for the Skyline PTSA for the 2018-2019 school year!


    Roy Pleasant

    Skyline PTSA President