Behavioral Health Clinicians

Behavioral Health Clinicians


    Behavioral Health Clinician Department

    Behavioral Health Clinicians strive to support students receiving Special Education services. Behavioral Health Clinicians are trained mental health professionals that include Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Master Social Workers.

    Student Services

    Behavioral Health Clinicians provide Special Education students with... Counseling Social-emotional support Teaching behavior skills The interventions provided are individualized according to each student's needs and they are aligned with their IEPs. Behavioral Health Clinicians consult with staff regarding behavioral, family, or social barriers. They collaborate with multiple Special Education departments and community entities to align support for students.

    Family Support

    Behavioral Health Clinicians help assess family needs to alleviate barriers that impede student success. They serve to... • Empower parents to advocate for their students with disabilities • Assist with family referrals to appropriate community resources • Encourage parent collaboration with their campus • Provide follow up for continuity of care

    Parent Education

    Behavioral Health Clinicians help design training to assist parents in learning skills needed to work with their students. • Provide behavioral and mental health learning opportunities to gain new skills and insights to better serve students and their families.


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