Dallas ISD Evaluation Tools



         Excellence Initiatives
                (Eligible for Strategic Compensation)

    • Teachers (TEI)
    • Assistant Principals (APEI)
    • Principals (PEI)
    • School Leadership Executive Directors (EDEI)
    • Central Staff Excellence Initiative (CSEI)
      • 2022-2023: eligible employees in HCM, IT, Operations, School Leadership, Strategic Initiatives, and Teaching & Learning divisions

         Career Management System (CMS)

    • Campus-based instructional support staff & TEI-ineligible teaching roles
    • Campus-based support staff
    • Some central professional and support staff (see CSEI)

        Dallas Librarian Appraisal (DLA)

    • Media Specialists

        School Counselor Appraisal Instrument (SCAI)

    • School Counselors


  • Dallas ISD's Excellence Initiatives
    & Performance Management Tools

    Dallas ISD is committed to improving the quality of instruction by placing an effective teacher in front of every child, an effective principal at every campus, and effective staff in all roles across the District. Our efforts to transform Dallas ISD have focused on investing in our people and developing our human capital. In particular, we have fundamentally changed how we assess principal, assistant principal, counselor and teacher effectiveness. Evaluations are now tied to student achievement results and other key performance metrics. Compensation for principals, assistant principals, and teachers is tied to overall effectiveness.


    In Dallas, we recognize the important role of principals, assistant principals, counselors and teachers in raising student achievement results and building and sustaining a positive and supportive school culture. As a result of the Excellence Initiatives (PEI, APEI, and TEI), Dallas ISD has for the first time an objective way to measure effectiveness. The combination of multiple measures presents a holistic view of employees within Dallas ISD.


    The commitment of Dallas ISD to transform evaluation systems into Excellence Initiatives provides Dallas ISD with the human capital information needed to best support the ambitious six student achievement goals outlined by the Board of Trustees. As a district, the Excellence Initiatives provide a fair, accurate, and rigorous way to identify and reward those having the biggest impact with our students as well as the information to grow and develop as we seek to continually improve the quality of instruction. 
  •  *JROTC-High School, SPED Adaptive PE, Itinerant Teachers, Instructional Coaches, teachers on hourly pay schedule will be evaluated using the CMS tool
    *Substitute teachers and Athletic Coordinators will be evaluated using their respective evaluation tools
    Questions regarding your evaluation system?
    Email us at performancemanagement@dallasisd.org or call (972) 749-5712
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