• IT-School Administration Services

    9400 North Central Expressway,
    Dallas, Texas 75231,
    10th Floor
    Phone: (972) 925-3366
    Fax: (972) 925-3367

    IT - School Administration Services staff provides support to school and central office staff in the maintenance and use of accurate and timely computer-based student information applications and Oracle finance applications.

    IT - School Administration Services functions as a service department to all Dallas ISD schools, departments and to the general public in the areas of end user support, training and student record management. IT - School Administration Services is comprised of: Elementary and Secondary Learning Units, Application Training and Support and Student Records,

    Application Training and Support provides training, documentation and support for the student information applications and Oracle finance applications.

    Student Record Services (formerly Pupil Accounting) provides oversight for student enrollment and records. And collects, maintains and distributes student inactive and archival records.

    Areas of Responsibility

    Support school staff, administrators, professional staff, support staff, and clerical support staff in the daily use of the District's student information system (SIS). (Examples: Enrollment/withdrawal, scheduling, daily attendance, grade reporting, graduation, special program data entry, etc.)

    Coordinate master scheduling, grade reporting, historical transcripts and other district wide SIS processes.

    Provide small group, hands-on computer application training sessions and end user support to school staff, administrators, professional staff, support staff, and clerical support staff for the Oracle financial (payroll, purchasing and biometric clock functions) and student information system (ChancerySMS).

    Create and maintain end user documentation for all components of the student system: Fundamentals, Demographic Data, Registration, Individual Scheduling, Grade Reporting, Attendance, Master Scheduling, Special Programs, Attendance Reporting, Health Records, Transcripts, etc.

    Provide assistance to the general public, government agencies, schools and administration in the areas of transcripts, diplomas, census cards, VOE request, home-schooling, attendance documentation, enrollment policy, procedures and statistics and other student special programs.

    Maintain all student records, Oversee TEA mandated Texas Records Exchange (TREx) for Dallas ISD, Compiles six week attendance summary reports for Dallas ISD, provide ad hoc data/reports for schools and central office staff, open records request.