• General Information

    We are ACE!
    School transformation requires three primary factors: strong school leadership, effective teachers, and high expectations for both students and staff. That’s why one of the key goals of Destination 2020 focuses on placing an effective teacher in every classroom. 

    In March 2015, the district released the Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) draft plan aimed at incentivizing top teachers and principals to relocate and work at some of the district’s lowest-performing schools. The draft ACE plan works to ensure that effective teachers are in the classrooms where they are most needed and outlines a way to incentivize effective teachers to choose to move to struggling schools. 

    The ACE program will begin at seven schools that are designated by the Texas Education Agency as Improvement Required (IR). The significant need to improve academic performance and the opportunity to accelerate academic growth were considering factors in identifying ACE schools.