• Teacher Assistants
    Teacher Assistants (also known as TAs) play a very important role in educating students.  Not only do they assists classroom teachers with everyday duties, they also tend to the needs of students, sometimes becoming the teacher during the absence of the homeroom teacher.  Our hats go off to these wonderful staff !
    Ms. Machado   Sonia Amezquita – Bilingual PK Teacher Assistant

     Mrs. Carillo   Maria Carrillo – Bilingual Pre-K Teacher Assistant
    Mrs. Claudio   Wanda Claudio - Bilingual Teacher Assistant
    Ms. Douglas   Tina Douglas - Teacher Assistant 
    Mr. Ervin   Kendrick Ervin - Teacher Assistant
    Ms. Gonzalez   Alejandra Gonzalez – Bilingual Teacher Assistant
    Mrs. Holguin   Olga Holguin – Bilingual Teacher Assistant

    Mrs. Olvera   Mayra Olvera – Bilingual Special Education Teacher Assistant

    Mr. Pruitt   Kendrick Pruitt - Teacher Assistant

    Joyce Smith – Pre-K Teacher Assistant