Tara L. Mays, Principal          
    Tara L. Mays, Principal        
    DeGolyer Elementary is at a slow, steady, upward climb and always adapting. We’re always improving, always seeking to change for the better. As educators, we are the agents of change.  I believe, with my whole heart and soul, that public education provides the forum for us to equalize access for all scholars.  It is where we instill in them that it isn’t where they are from, what they have or don’t, but the amount of effort they give that matters most. It’s my duty to empower scholars to know it is what they have in their hearts, in their minds, and how they use both that determines their success.  Our duty, our responsibility as educators is to equip our scholars with the tools they need to soar.  It is here, in school, where we help them build their planes. Elementary is where we help them to take flight.  It is a true honor to serve all stakeholders at DeGolyer Elementary. 
    DeGolyer Elementary Community Newsletter:

    October 2018 Community Newsletter






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