• Our Teaching Staff


    Our teaching staff at South Oak Cliff High School are highly qualified educators who value the impact of education in our society.  Students have the best educators in Dallas at their fingertips.

Campus Faculty & Staff

First Name Last Name Department Email Class Website
Davon Allen Electives- PE davoallen@dallasisd.org
Victor Allen Career Institute- Construction
William Allen Fine Arts- Band williallen@dallasisd.org
Obeth Avila Foreign Language oavila@dallasisd.org
Shayla Beck-smith Collegiate Academy- Social Studies shayjohnson@dallasisd.org
Damian Bell Special Education DAMBELL@dallasisd.org
Genevieve Bellah English Language Arts gbellah@dallasisd.org
Franklin Blanche JROTC fblanche@dallasisd.org
Daniel Bowns Math DBOWNS@dallasisd.org
Derrick Burnett Fine Arts- Art deburnett@dallasisd.org
Lanesha Creeks Special Education LCREEKS@dallasisd.org
Everett Daniels Social Studies EDANIELS@dallasisd.org
Danielle Dawson English Language Arts dandawson@dallasisd.org
Khamra Echols Social Studies KECHOLS@dallasisd.org
Kayla Evans Collegiate Academy- Elective KAYEVANS@dallasisd.org
John Ferrell Career and Technical Education- NAF Information Technology JFERRELL@dallasisd.org
Tina Fontenette Career and Technical Education- Business tfontenette@dallasisd.org
Isaac Gish Math igish@dallasisd.org
Devonte Grace Education Is Freedom dgrace@dallasisd.org
Tanisha Green Career and Technical Education- Business tdouglasgreene@dallasisd.org
Stevon Harris Fine Arts- Choir stharris@dallasisd.org
Angelic Haynie Collegiate Academy- English Language Arts MMEEHAN@dallasisd.org
Patricia Helfenbein Collegiate Academy- Social Studies phelfenbein@dallasisd.org
Arthur Hobbs JROTC AHOBBS@dallasisd.org
Wayne Ingram Special Education WaIngram@dallasisd.org
Kevin Jackson Electives-Health kjackson@dallasisd.org
Hector Jimenez-Huizar Foreign Language hjimenezhuizar@dallasisd.org
Brian Jimmerson Math bjimmerson@dallasisd.org
Rosie Johnson Special Education rosiejohnson@dallasisd.org
Getquiea Jones Special Education GetJones@dallasisd.org
Kim Jones Collegiate Academy- English Language Arts KiJones@dallasisd.org
Tamla Kim Collegiate Academy- Math takim@dallasisd.org
Mitchell King Phoenix MiKing@dallasisd.org
Undra Kuykendall-Smith English Language Arts ukuykendallsmith@dallasisd.org http://dallasisd.learning.powerschool.com/ukuykendallsmith
Ashley Leonard Career and Technical Education- Business ASLEONARD@dallasisd.org
Annette Lindsay Phoenix alindsay@dallasisd.org
Adrian Madise Special Education AMADISE@dallasisd.org
James Mays II Athletics JaMays@dallasisd.org
Quinton Middleton Social Studies qmiddleton@dallasisd.org
Tracy Moore Special Education TraMoore@dallasisd.org
Euranie Patin Career and Technical Education- NAF Engineering edelarosepatin@dallasisd.org http://dallasisd.learning.powerschool.com/edelarosepatin
Martrea Poindexter Math MPoindexter@dallasisd.org
Marlon Reaves Special Education mreaves@dallasisd.org
Lucky Robertson JROTC LUROBERTSON@dallasisd.org
Tatum Rodgers Fine Arts- Dance TAHAYES@dallasisd.org
Chris Rollerson Science CROLLERSON@dallasisd.org
Deyontrius Sims Math deysims@dallasisd.org
Elvin Smalley Science ESMALLEY@dallasisd.org
Brittaney Smash Social Studies bsmash@dallasisd.org
Domenic Spencer Special Education DSPENCER@dallasisd.org
Mark Stabbus Social Studies mstaubus@dallasisd.org
Tyne Thompson Fine Arts- Theater tythompson@dallasisd.org
Clifton Todd Athletics CTODD@dallasisd.org
Ida Tucker Special Education ITucker@dallasisd.org
Ellis Wheatfall Special Education ewheatfall@dallasisd.org
Julia Whipple Career and Technical Education- NAF Information Technology jwhipple@dallasisd.org
Wilbur Williams Fine Arts- French/Art wilbwilliams@dallasisd.org
John Woodruff Social Studies JWOODRUFF@dallasisd.org