Otilia Dixon  
    O. Dixon - Cedar Crest Counselor 
    Guidance Counseling Service at Cedar Crest Elementary includes the following, but it is not limited to, supporting character education to our student body, providing a safe/bully free academic environment, & focusing on the over-all mental well-being of our respective students.
    My goal as the school counselor is to;  
           Be a good listener.
           Help our students build self-confidence.
           Help students build skills to make positive choices while being safe in the process.
           Help students learn how to cooperate and get along with others.
                 Provide help in a time of crisis.
    I look forward to working with the Cedar Crest Community as we push forward to make this a successful school year for our students and staff!
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Dixon
    Cedar Crest Counselor


    Counseling Services

    Though counselors do many class guidance lessons, there are six core guidance lessons mandated by state law or District policy. Classroom guidance is to be presented in individual classrooms, not in large groups. Though counselors may well want to document all classroom guidance, documentation with teacher and principal signatures, is required for the following class guidance presentations:

    • Student Handbook/Counselor Orientation
    • Anti-Harassment/No Bullying
    • Anti-Victimization (WHO Program should be used at designated grade levels. ALL students must have an Anti-Victimization Lesson.)
    • The Importance of Higher Education
    • Character Education
    • Career Awareness