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    What is Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB)?

    TAB is Choice Art.  TAB is a student-centered art studio where the students have control of their own artistic learning.   TAB regards students as artists and gives students real choices for responding to their own feelings, ideas, and interests through art. 

    How should a TAB classroom look?

    The TAB classroom is divided up into clearly marked “Art Studios.”  Each student is engaged in creating art or experimenting with the art materials.  There is always movement and conversation in the TAB classroom.  This is part of the artistic process. 

    What should TAB students be doing?

    Students are problem solving, asking questions, writing, and discovering as they are learning how to be artists.   

    TAB students are responsible for caring for the art materials, which includes creating their own workspace as well as putting their materials away at the end of the day. 

    The students are creating art!  This can range from creating a WOW artwork or just experimenting with the materials and trying something new. 

    The students are writing artist statements, sharing work with others, and reflecting on their own art as well as the art of others.

    What should the TAB teacher be doing?

    The TAB teacher is supporting the students’ vision for their artwork by helping them make connections to the art world, demonstrating skills, modeling how to be an artist by making art with the students, and guiding the students’ learning.

    Why TAB?

    Nothing in education is more powerful than authentic, student directed, student centered learning experiences constructed from the bottom up.

    -Clyde Graw