• Macario Hernandez
    Macario Hernandez was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Sunset High School. He received his bachelor's degree from University of North Texas and his Masters in Education from Texas Woman’s  University. 
    Mr. Hernandez worked as a volunteer community organizer and activist for 8 years with the Industrial Area Foundation affiliated group known as Dallas Area Interfaith.

    Mr. Hernandez has served as an educator for 14 years. He taught bilingual education classes and has been a school administrator for 8 years. He was awarded Teacher of Year in 2001 and recently awarded Vice Principal of the year by Association of Hispanic School Administrators in 2012.

    He grew up in Oak Cliff, the community he has come back to work as a teacher, researcher, and administrator. He is passionate about developing more educators from his neighborhood through the National Latino Education Research and Policy Project Grow Your Own Teacher initiative.

    As a UT-Austin doctoral candidate, he plans to document and research the GYO progress in Dallas. Mr. Hernandez is married to Erika Aguileta Hernandez and is father of a four year-old daughter and a two year-old son.