• Programs and Activities          Programs

    • After-School Programs/ Activities

    Tutoring- Lowered student/teacher ratio focused on criticalacademic needs

    Enrichment- Hosting of extra-curricular special clubs and/or activities by campus and community providers.

    • Drumline (4th - 5th grade)
    • Art Club (4th - 5th grade)
    • Sport Club
    • Technology Club
    • Board Game Club
    • Cosmetology Careers Club
    • Photography Club
    • Scrapbooking Club
    • Book Club
    • Gardening Club
    • Social Studies Club (Kinder)
    • RM City Club (3rd - 5th grade)
    • Nurse Club
    • Yoga Club
    • Zumba Club
    • Principal Leadership Council (5th grade) 
    UIL Competition
    • Number Sense (3rd - 5th grade)
    • Spelling Blitz (3rd - 5th grade)
    • Listening (4th - 5th grade)
    • Maps, Graphs (4th- 5th grade)
    • Storytelling (3rd grade)
    • Dictionary Skills (4th - 5th grade) 
    • Math Initiative

    Reasoning Mind

    New/Revised math curriculum for Kindergarten through second grade

    • Reading Initiative

    Reading Comprehensive toolkit in Kindergarten through fifthgrade

    iStation http://www.istation.com/

    • Blended Learning

    Use of online content and instruction that leads toauthentic student content available anywhere, anytime on ay device, one to onedevice in third grade through fifth grade

    • TAG
    • Kinder/PPCD Collaborative
    • Breakfast in the Classroom
    • Boy Scout, Mariposa
    • Family Academic Night