• Stevens Park History


    Stevens Park Elementary School is named for Dr. John H. and Mary A. Stevens, early settlers of Oak Cliff.  Dr. John H. Stevens was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia in 1824.  At the early age of fourteen, he was already in college, graduating with honors five years later.  He went on to study medicine and within three years he became a doctor.  He practiced medicine in Louisiana and became a surgeon for the Confederate army during the U.S. Civil War.  In 1869, Dr. Stevens and Mary Armstrong married and later moved to the area known as "The Highlands of Dallas" but is now known as Stevens Park.
    The children of Dr. and Mrs. Stevens, Walter and Annie Stevens, donated 40 acres of land to the Dallas Park System for the Stevens Park golf course in memory of their parents.  Stevens Park Elementary School opened in 1954 under former superintendent W.T. White.  The school underwent an addition and renovations in 1994.