Dallas ISD Dual Language

Welcome to the Dual Language Program

  • Dallas ISD is creating global citizens everyday by providing our students with the opportunity to learn two languages.  English speakers can learn Spanish and Spanish speakers can learn English within a program called the “Two-Way Dual Language Program.” In this program, students will learn to read, write, and think in both languages, helping students to:

    • Become biliterate
    • Become bilingual
    • Propel them into their roles as global citizens

    Since 2006, the Dallas Independent School District has implemented a Dual Language model to serve Spanish and English Language Learners (ELLs). The Two-Way Dual Language model is a program in which both English and Spanish speaking learners are placed in the same classroom to learn from each other while acquiring the non-native language.

    The goal of Dual Language is to provide opportunities for all students, regardless of their native language, to obtain a second language while interacting with students from diverse cultures and backgrounds, setting the stage for cultural awareness and global citizenship.