• Health Updates

Health Updates

  • Water Quality Testing Results - General Statement

    Posted by Dallas ISD News & Information on 1/24/2017

    The health and safety of students is our top priority. Out of an abundance of caution, Dallas ISD took a proactive stance to review environmental concerns following national discussion of lead and other chemicals in water. In October 2016, a districtwide water sampling effort began of each campus.

    Collection and analysis of the testing was performed by a third-party. We have learned from the results that several campuses had elevated levels of either, lead or copper.

    In every instance, action has been taken to replace filters, retrofit units with filters, or the units have been replaced altogether.

    We will continue to monitor the sampling efforts. For updates please feel free to review the webpage where you can access campus reports as they become available at www.dallasisd.org/watertesting.

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  • Lakewood Elementary Update - Report Results (General Statement)

    Posted by Dallas ISD News & Information on 3/11/2016

    Dear Lakewood Staff and Community,

    Thank you for your continued attention to the health concerns at Lakewood Elementary School. In recent weeks, we have communicated with you about various environmental and building testing performed as a result of those concerns.

    This is an update on the findings we received from our third-party vendor of the testing performed at our campus.

    After a review all environmental tests were found normal.

    Our preventative steps included:

    • Testing, out of an abundance of caution, the air quality at the campus. The results came back normal.
    • Testing, out of an abundance of caution, the water quality at the campus to ensure it confirms normal drinking water standards. The results came back normal.
    • Testing, out of an abundance of caution, thermal temperature levels to ensure comfort parameters were maintained. The results came back normal.
    • Testing, out of an abundance of caution, ozone concentration levels. The results came back normal.
    • Testing, out of an abundance of caution, radon emission. The results came back normal.

    The Dallas ISD facilities management team continues to monitor these areas, and after this thorough review we may rule out these as potential factors to some of the health concerns raised. 

    A copy of the report may be obtained through an Open Records Request. For more information on that process, visit www.dallasisd.org/openrecords.

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  • Complete Findings - Cotton Service Center Water Quality Review

    Posted by Dallas ISD NEws & Information on 3/11/2016

    UPDATED: 3:05 P.M., March 11

    The Dallas Independent School District is releasing the executive summary and listing of findings from EFI Global on water quality at William H. Cotton Service Center.

    To view the complete water quality report - click here

    To view the executive summary - click here

    To view the list of findings - click here

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  • Cotton Service Center Q&A

    Posted by Dallas ISD News and Information on 3/11/2016

    The following are responses to questions regarding water quality at the Cotton Service Center. Please check back frequently as additional responses are posted.

    UPDATED - 2:15 P.M. ON MARCH 23


    Question: The report says contaminates were above recommended, but not above action level. Or, contaminates were above action level. It does not say what levels were found. No information was available at the meeting about what dangers these present, and these vague descriptions aren't useful in attempting to research the danger level.

    Answer: The findings of the report are available on the Health Updates blog in a separate posting or at www.dallasisd.org/healthupdates.


    Question: Is there a timeline for additional testing for air quality, mold or other potential influences at the Cotton building?

    Answer: An air quality test is planned in the near future.


    Question: What if I feel ill and believe the cause is the environment at the Cotton building?

    Answer: Please contact the Dallas ISD Risk Management Department if you believe you've have been injured on the job or have become ill because of your workplace.


    Question: The free blood test only includes test code 007625 which is 'Lead, Whole Blood (Adult)'. The Executive Summary indicates arsenic (7 of 8 samples) were present along with lead, why aren't staff members being tested for arsenic, test code ASB, as well as lead testing?

    Answer: The free blood screenings will only test for lead. At this time, it is recommended that any employee that desires a more through blood screening should contact their personal physician.



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  • Cotton Service Center Update - 3/8/2016

    Posted by Dallas ISD News & Information on 3/8/2016

    In late January 2016, Dallas ISD requested EFI Global, an environmental health and safety firm, to conduct water testing of the William H. Cotton Building and site. The request was made after learning that the building’s water had never been tested.

    On Monday, March 7, the district received the findings of the report and it was concluded that some of the water sources at the Cotton Building are non-potable.  

    After reviewing the findings, out of an abundance of caution, the district is making plans to relocate employees out of the Cotton Building and move them to different facilities upon their return from spring break.

    Bottled drinking water and other water sources will be provided for all employees and the water to all drinking fountains, ice machines and lavatory sinks will be turned off.

    The Cotton Building serves as a work location for several hundred employees, many of whom are dispatched to campuses, including Custodial, Maintenance, Environmental, HVAC, Real Estate, Operation Business Services, Warehouse and Transportation employees. 

    As always, the safety of our employees is a top priority of the district.

    We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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