Public Information Portal

The purpose of this portal is to provide transparency through an electronic central depository for the public to access frequently requested and available District information and documentation. The information and documentation will be maintained in accordance with the State Records Retention Schedule.

This information will be updated regularly. Data and information under the current categories will be made available from this site as it is accumulated and the available data will grow over time.

Public Notices

District Check Register/Expenditures with Exclusions

Listed Below are pdf's of the monthly expenditures of the Dallas ISD. They include all checks and expenditures with the exclusion of entries that would be in violation of FERPA statutes.

Dallas ISD Bond Expenditures

Database of Vendors Registered With the District

The vendor database provides a listing of vendors that either have an existing contract or price agreement with Dallas ISD, or have had an agreement with the district within the past three years. The links below provide users the ability to download a complete version of the vendor database(in xls format) or to search for a specfic vendor using the Vendor Search function.

Please note that some vendors are excluded from the database. Because payments made to firms or individuals are processed through the District’s central financial system, in order to produce a payment for any reason, payees are required to be set up as a vendor. Students, parents, and employees may receive payments from the district. Payments may be issued to students for a refund or scholarship earned. This requires a student to have a vendor profile in place in order to process a refund. Employees also have to have a vendor profile to receive payments for Worker’s Compensation, and garnished wages for child support payments. The vendor database is intended to allow the public to view only the vendors that are actively doing business or seeking to do business with the district.

In order to protect sensitive information, several classes of vendors have been omitted from being searched in our vendor database. Those vendors categories excluded from the database:

  • Employee
  • Child Support
  • Parents
  • Scholarships
  • Students
  • Workers Compensation
  • Workers Compensation Employee

These restrictions are in place to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other regulations that prohibit school districts from releasing certain information and are not intended to restrict the public from access to any active vendor information available in the vendor database. Individuals receiving payment from Dallas ISD for any one of the restricted reasons in the list above can be assured that this information is protected. Vendors not meeting the restrictions listed above are in the database and available to be viewed by the public.

District Improvement Plan

District Facts

District Organizational Charts

Enrollment Data

HB5 Local Accountability Ratings/Community and Student Engagement

HB1378 Annual Report of Certain Financial Information

Public Information Request Report

Superintendent's Contract and All Amendments

Trustee Conflict of Interest Forms

Trustee Ethics Agreement Forms

Trustee Spending

Trustee Campaign Finance Reports

Board Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Meeting Videos

Current agendas, minutes, and videos are available for all board meetings.

District Budget and All Updates

Annual Financial Reports

Annual Financial Management Reports

Tax Information Resources