• Our Garden

    Thank you to REAL School Gardens for working with the students and teachers of Pershing Elementary school to create our very own learning garden. Although it is a lovely addition to our school, the Pershing garden is more than just scenery. The food and herbs grown in various beds are used to create tasty dishes for both students and teachers. The garden is also an integral part of our school curriculum. Students receive important life lessons as well as Science and Social Studies lessons in learning to care for and grow different plants. Below is a statement from the Real School Gardens website:
    Mission: We create learning gardens that grow successful students.

    REAL School Gardens partners with high-poverty elementary schools to create learning gardens that become an integral part of their teaching culture and community. We support the design and installation of school gardens, train teachers to use them to improve children’s learning and build community around them to nurture support for urban schools. When teachers take learning outdoors, children achieve greater success in school by becoming more engaged learners, more effective team members and also healthier people.

    In North Texas alone, we support 81 schools, ensuring that more than 45,000 children and over 2,700 educators have daily access to nature through school gardens.  Our gardens have been shown to improve children’s lives by boosting academic achievement, nurturing healthy lifestyles, cultivating life skills and promoting environmental stewardship.

    Thank you to the other sponsors of our garden as well! Below is the dedication stone for our garden.
    Garden Dedication Stone