• Math is so much fun. Parents can help their child use math everyday. Here are a few easy ways to help your child:

    1. Teach your child to skip count (example: skip count by 2's - 2,4,6,8,10, 12, 14, etc). Did you know skip counting is a strategy to help your child with multiplications? It's easy and a fun game to do on your way to school or anytime.

    2. Teach your child how to tell time using a clock. Students as young as 1st grade are expected to know how to tell time (draw various clocks with different times).
    3. Create funny word problems involving addition and subtraction. Nothing like making your kids laugh by making up characters such as Polly the Pirate or Sam the Scientist.
    4. Show your child how to use a ruler to measure.
    5. Teach your child how to count money. Who doesn't like to count money? Put various coins in the middle (three pennies, one dime, and a quarter and have them add the coins for a total amount.).