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    Perfil de la comunidad de aprendizaje del IB

IB PYP Model explaining the different components of the PYP
  • As you can see from the model above, at the core of the IB is the “learner profile”. The IB Learner Profile is a long- term, holistic vision of education that underpins all three programmes and puts the student at the centre of everything we do. The learner profile is the IB mission statement translated into a set of learning outcomes for the 21st century. The ten aspirational qualities of the learner profile inspire and motivate the work of teachers, students and schools, providing a statement of the aims and values of the IB and a definition of what we mean by “international-mindedness”.

    The learner profile unites us all with a common focus: on the whole person, as a lifelong learner.

    It applies to us all – student, teacher, parent or administrator – because we are all continually learning!

    Learner Profile Attribute Definition
    Caring Helpful to others, empathetic, thoughtful, considerate, recognizes that he/she is part of a group.
    Open-Minded Listens to others' thoughts and ideas, accepts that there is more than one way of looking at things.
    Balanced Uses time wisely, and participate in a variety of activities.
    Risk-Taker Willing to make mistakes, prepared to try something new, willing to try things in unfamiliar ways.
    Principled Honest, makes good decisions, responsible, has a sense of fairness and justice.
    Inquirer Ask questions, wonders about the world, does not give up easily.
    Thinker Uses what he/she already knows and can build on his/her own ideas and the ideas of others.
    Knowledgeable Learning more about self, others and the world.
    Communicator Expresses feelings and thoughts across the curriculum.
    Reflective Thinks about his/her actions, learning and different ways to do things.

Check out this video for more insight on the Learner Profile!

IB Learner Profile - English
IB Learner Profile - Spanish