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    The 2018/2019 bus routes can be found on the following link:


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    Skyline Student Parking Policy

    • Parking permits must be displayed by affixing it in the lower left or right hand corner of the windshield when parked at Skyline.
    • Vehicles without Skyline parking permits are subject to be towed from the premises at owner’s expense.
    • Students are to park in the South parking lot near the gymnasium.
    • Parking permits may not be shared or exchanged for another student to use at any time.
    • Students must leave vehicles upon arriving on campus and not return until dismissal.
    • A student must possess a valid driver’s license at all times when driving on campus.
    • No permit will be issued without a valid driver’s license and current insurance policy.
    • Failure to adhere to Vehicles on Campus policy may result in privilege being restricted or suspended.
    • Each vehicle is required to have its own decal affixed to the windshield (lower left or right hand corner)
    • Each parking sticker issued costs $15.00

    The following information is required for Student permit to park: (Please print legibly)

    First Name:


    Last Name:


    Student ID #:


    1st period teacher:


    Drivers license #:


    Make of vehicle:


    Insurance company:

    Policy #:

    Student signature:


    Parent contact phone #:



    Date issued:

    Only employees of the District shall park in the teachers’ parking area. Under no conditions shall students’ cars be parked there.


    dress code

    Uniforms are required for the 2019-20 School year. Please refer to information below and Dress Code under the Quick Links.


    Skyline High School and Career Development Center will require students to dress according to the Skyline Dress Code Policy for the school year 2019-20. This decision has been made through a deliberative process including the Site-Based Decision Making Committee (SBDM), the PTSA, teacher surveys, and the student body (through Google surveys).

    Appropriate attire for students Monday through Friday will include long pants for young men/women and skirts/dresses of appropriate length (3 inches above the bend of the knee in length). The emphasis should be on respect for our school campus.

    Here is the Skyline Standardized Code of Conduct for both young men and women:

    • School is a place of learning. Professional or business casual should be worn. Clean clothing that is not torn or damaged should be worn.
      • No provocative clothing
      • No tank tops
      • No pajamas
      • No hats, caps
      • No gang-related attire or references to illegal activities
    • Long pants for young men/women and skirts/ dresses of appropriate length (6 inches above the knee)
      • No shorts
      • No ragged jeans (no holes with skin showing)
      • No ragged shorts or shorts that are shorter than 6 inches above knee
      • No short skirts or skirts that are more than 6 inches above the knee
    • Students should wear athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes or other closed-toe shoes. No house shoes!
      • No house shoes, flip-flops, or steel boots.
      • No open-toed shoes (this is a safety consideration).

    Things you can wear:


    • Must be Black, Khaki, or Navy Blue in color.
    • Uniform Pants or Uniform Shorts must be without holes, rips or tears.
    • Skirts, Jumpers, Shorts, Capri Pants must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.


    • Any Color.
    • Must be worn over an approved shirt.
    • Hoodies must not cover the student’s head or face while in the school building.


    • Athletic Shoes, Loafers (Boat Shoes), and Dress shoes are allowed.
    • All Shoes must have a closed toe, and a closed heel in order to be acceptable.
    • Slippers, Flip-flops, House shoes, Slides, and Crocks ARE NOT allowed.

    ID Badges

    • All Students & Staff are required to wear their ID Badges at all times.

    (All clothing must fit appropriately.  Clothing with offensive slogans, symbols, or messages are not permitted.)


    • Solid khaki
    • Solid black
    • Denim

    Shirts, Blouses Style:

    • Straight, button-down or turtleneck collar
    • Hoodies
    • Long or short sleeves
    • Polo-style


    White, Red, Black, Blue

    Shoes Style:

    • Athletic shoes
    • Loafers
    • Dress shoes
    • Other closed-toe and closed-heel shoes

    Cardigans and Sweaters Style

    • Must be worn over an approved shirt


    Any color



    Jackets containing offensive slogans, symbols, and other suggestive or controversial designs are not allowed.

    District-issued school jackets are permitted.

    All clothing should fit appropriately.

    On Wednesdays, Skyline students will wear college shirts of their choosing and all faculty and students will participate in Spirit Days on Fridays.

    Responsibility for appropriate attire should be taken by the students. However, if students come to school with inappropriate attire, the parent(s) or guardian(s) will be called so that appropriate dress can be brought to the school.

    Please call the Main Office at 972 502-3400 if you have any questions or you may email me at .

    Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to an outstanding school year in 2019-20..

Campus News and Announcements

  • SBDM

    2018-19 Site

    Based Management


    All meetings begin

    at 6 PM in room 108.

    April 9, 2019 Cancelled Changed to April 23rd

    May 14th 2019


    2018-19 PTSA
    PTSA Meetings

    April 23, 2019 at 9:30 in Room 108.



    2018-19 NAF

    Advisory Committee


    NAF Academies

    Click on your academy

    of interest for more information.

    Academy of Engineering

    Academy of Finance

    Academy of Health Science

    Academy of Hospitality & Tourism

    Academy of Information Technology

    11/13/18 -5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

    (at Skyline High School)

    1/15/19- 8:00 AM Skyline

    3/5/19- 8:00 AM Skyline

    5/11/19- 10:00 AM

    TBD this will be a

    Saturday extended meeting.

    Please click link below

    to join and choose

    your academy:





    Apply now.  Deadline is

    January 31, 2019.  

    Step 1: Apply online at 

    Magnet Sign Up Link

    Step 2: Turn in proof of previous years 

    STAAR scores, current report card, and

    proof of residency to Skyline's magnet

    application table in front of Office 104

    between 8:30am - 4pm during school


    Step 3: Student and parents will return

    to Interview date.  

    Step 4: Student and parents will be

    informed in writing of their acceptance

    status and next steps in the early

    Spring (March 2019). 


    For more information, contact

    NAF & Magnet Director,

    Ms. Guzman at 972-502-3564 or 

    Se habla español. 


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