• My Stop Transportation App

  • My Stop App We’ve made transportation simple

    Dallas ISD Student Transportation Services is pleased to present My Stop – a FREE online tool that provides immediate access to your child’s bus route information. No more phone calls or wait times. Get up-to-date information whenever you need it with My Stop.

    My Stop can tell parents the location of their child’s assigned school bus and the estimated time of arrival at their bus stop. This information lets parents and students plan for the bus pickup times, reducing the chance of missed buses and students waiting on buses in bad weather.

    My Stop service will be rolled out in phases starting with parents of Special Education students who have registered for transportation services. These parents can access My Stop now.

    My Stop will be available to parents of students attending select schools in spring 2019, and the service will be available to all district students by August 2019.





  • Download the My Stop App

    STEP 1

    Search for “Versatrans My Stop” in iTunes (Apple) or Google Play (Android) and download the App.

    Step 1 Image

    STEP 2

    Select Dallas ISD when prompted


    Step 2 Image

    STEP 3

    Enter your login credentials

    Student ID Number

    Student Date of Birth

    View the location of your child’s bus and estimated time of arrival at the assigned stop.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I forgot my My Stop password.

    Contact Student Transportation at 972-925-4BUS. The Student Transportation department will not be able to see your password, but will have the option to reset the password. Please allow 24 hours for the reset.

    I see the following message in My Stop: No active routes found.

    If you access My Stop too early or too late, a variety of conflicting messages may appear. These messages most likely indicate the bus is on its way to the beginning of its route or has completed its route.

    For the most accurate information, we recommend you wait about 10 minutes before your child’s bus is due to arrive and check again.

    I only see the following message in My Stop: Estimated Time of Arrival: 3:54 PM | Per Schedule.

    This message will appear if your child’s bus has been substituted with another bus that is not equipped with a GPS unit. This may occur when the usual bus is out of service for maintenance or required inspections.

    I see the following message in My Stop: Estimated Time of Arrival is Unavailable | Bus Passed Stop

    Your child’s route information may be in the process of being updated. Wait a few minutes for updates to be completed, and try again. If you still see this message and the current time is after your child’s scheduled pick-up or drop-off time, the bus has already picked up or dropped off your child.

    Note: Bus drivers are instructed not to run ahead of schedule in the morning. If drivers arrive at a pick-up location ahead of schedule, they are instructed to wait at the stop until the scheduled pick-up time.

    Does My Stop work with field trip buses?

    No, field trips are not routed trips.