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COVID-19 Guidance

Information Technology Guidance for Damaged/Lost/Stolen

  1. For Broken devices, the Student has to bring broken device to the campus and the campus tech will create an incident and if replacement is available at campus the Device will be exchanged and replaced; in a case that no devices are available at campus the Incident will be assigned to a supervisor for replacing the damage equipment. No student or parent will be responsible for damaged devices.
  2. For Lost or Stolen devices, please see the Linked SOP.


School Leadership Guidance for Managing Student Devices

Principal Next Steps:

  1. Review and execute the Device Protocol Plan with assistance from the IT department
  2. Principals locate technology available to distribute and move to one identified location (preferably a room located near an exit so campuses that need to pick up have easy access)
  3. Principals ensure Tipweb is updated and utilized moving forward (see attachment regarding TIPWeb-IT)
  4. Principals divide technology to create a portion needed to complete their own distribution for their students first
  5. Principals keep a buffer portion of 10% of enrollment extra for future needs
  6. Before removing the technology, ensure all devices are transferred in TIPWeb-IT (IT team will assist with this task)
  7. Feeder or cluster schools may send administrators to pick up technology if they are short (School Leadership will assist to determine which campuses are a priority)