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Changes in background check and contractor badging policy may expand participation in Dallas ISD construction projects

Dallas ISD has issued a new regulation supporting local policy CJA for Contracted Services, otherwise known as the policy for criminal background checks and contractor badging.  There are three key clarifications to previous policy regarding badging of contractors.  First, acceptable forms of identification will be equivalent to the State of Texas FAST system.  Second, the number of disqualifying misdemeanors will be reduced to 28 from 45.  Finally, the extent of the background check will be limited to the previous 10 years rather than 30 years as was done previously.  As always, construction work areas will be kept separate and secure from active instructional areas for the safety and security of students and faculty.  This regulation was introduced after lengthy discussions with industry trade groups and district officials.  The changes will bring Dallas ISD into parity with other school districts in the Metroplex.  The objective is to make more construction labor available for Dallas ISD jobs and increase opportunities for employment in the local community.