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Bond program contractors recognized for jobsite safety

Electricians on W.T. White bond project

To keep safety front of mind among the dozens of contractors working on school and facility improvement projects, each month the district’s bond safety director recognizes a jobsite team that has demonstrated an exemplary record of safety. In May, the monthly subcontractor recognition award was presented to Intex Electric, the vendor providing electricians on the construction project at W.T. White High School, where work is under way on a three-story classroom addition and building renovations.

Safety Director Alvaro Meza said the recognition is a reminder to vendors that Construction Services is taking note of contractor compliance with safety procedures. He says it also reinforces the importance of every team member taking personal responsibility for safety.

Fifteen Intex electricians are onsite at W.T. White. The team is responsible for supplying a safe source of electricity to roofers, plumbers, builders and other contractors on the job and laying the groundwork for electrical capacity for the new classrooms and building improvements.

Specifically, the team was recognized for such safety-related tasks as conducting a daily job hazard analysis, utilizing proper protective equipment, maintaining tools, participating in and documenting safety training, and keeping safety training records up to date and available for inspection.