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Let the sunshine in

The Dallas ISD Bond projects from 2015 and 2020 are continuing to make strides all over the District. There are so many things being implemented to enhance the schools and the students' performance. There are many factors that can impact student achievement, but there’s one thing we’d like to highlight. If you’ve been to any of our bond 2015 campuses you may have noticed the large amount of light exposure. Did you know that more natural light in the classroom could improve the work being done by your students? 

On a recent visit to L.G Pinkston High School, one of the biggest differences we noticed from the previous high school building was the amount of light beaming through the windows in the front of the school. Exposure to natural light has been linked to better mood, increased alertness, and improved cognitive performance, all of which can contribute to better academic performance.  

Former Principal Marlon Brooks and Community Liaison, Anthony McGee, sat with us and reminisced about their time at Pinkston and the transition. They recalled seeing a change in how the students. “The library has some of the greatest natural light and has attracted more students,” McGee highlighted. He mentioned that, “on the old campus they would have to plead with students to go into the library, on the new campus they have to plead to get them out of the library.”  

“When you have a facility like this, with this type of open design, what's going to come out of that is inspiration and give the students a desire to strive to be better,” Brooks added.

Our plans in our bond programs go far beyond just a new building and fancy amenities. We are changing the landscape of urban education.


Kaylon Bendaw