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New Athletic facilities increase student participation

Athletic Facilities

Our goal to change the landscape of urban education means more than just building schools. Since the completion of the Bond 2015 project, some athletic programs across the district have seen a significant increase in student participation and school spirit. 

One of the main purposes of the bond is to bring life back into Dallas ISD. Many schools lacked spirit because they lacked resources for so long, which made working and enjoying school much harder. We work closely with faculty, parents, and some community members to carefully design the new builds. When choosing designs, there’s so much focus on the looks. We can take for granted what good it does for our staff members and students. We reached out to athletic representatives from the district and campus athletic coordinators from our Bond 2015 initiative to see how their campus benefited from their renovations or new buildings. 

Since the completion of the new and improved W.T. White High School, “there has been a 20% increase across the board in all sports'', assistant athletic coordinator, Lakita Dockery, stated. Dockery also stated that last year all athletics made a playoff appearance. Since they received their new competition gym, the volleyball team and both men's and women's basketball teams have had playoff appearances.

Olabanji Abanishe, Athletic coordinator, at Sunset High School stated, “Student engagement has increased, community engagement has increased, and attendance of staff at games has increased.” He mentioned that the biggest benefit from their bond project was a sense of school spirit and belonging for their students, community, and staff. 

The football and volleyball seasons are well underway and you can look forward to hearing how Dallas ISD sports take on their journeys in the playoffs. The best has yet to come with the Bond 2020 initiative. We are changing the landscape of urban education and enhancing faculty, staff, and student participation on all levels. 

Kaylon Bendaw